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” BURNING ” STOMPIN 'RIFFRAFFS first full album in half a decade! This platter is chock-full of magnificent tracks that blast out of your stereo like the band's right there in the room with you, giving you a taste of all the new possibilities Rock 'n' Roll has in store! Check out these 12 must-hear tunes plucked straight from the minds of the manic musical monstrosity that is STOMPIN' RIFFRAFFS! STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS 5年ぶりのフルアルバム!ライブ感がありつつも趣向を凝らしたサウンドで Rock'n'Rollの新たな可能性を感じさせる1枚。バンドの世界観が色濃く反映された珠玉の12曲は必聴!! 1.COSMIC WAVE / 2.SHE BITES / 3.HEAVY SICK / 4.SCREAM / 5.BURNING / 6.WHATEVER / 7.THE VAMPIRE / 8.PHANTOM ROCK / 9.NIGHTMARE / 10.GIRL CAN'T DANCE / 11.THE WITCH / 12.MUMMY WALK release : 2021 format : CD label : Wild records

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